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Mountain Flight in Nepal

Every day early morning departure 1-hour duration  Mountain flight from domestic airport Kathmandu Nepal with a ticket price of USD 200 is one of the most exclusive flight tour packages in the world which provides a breathtaking view of Mount Everest ( 8848.86 Meters) up to  5 nautical miles closer distance along with other series of Giant panoramic Himalayan ranges from Manasalu at west to Kanchanjunga at east. This flight takes off from the Domestic terminal of Kathmandu airport with a departure time of 06:15 am or later, flies in the northeast direction with the mountain range at the left side, makes an anti-clockwise rotation, and flies back with the Mountain range on the right side.         

 Mountain Flight Nepal

Is Nepal your next holiday destination? Are you looking for some lifetime memorable and short tour activities in Nepal? Then 1-hour duration  Everest flight tour package will be your best selection in which you can capture a glimpse of precious Everest peaks & other heavenly panoramic places. For those travelers whose dream is to see Mount Everest but are not able to go trekking cause of health, budget or time constrain then this tour package is fit for them. Mountain Flight is operated through Yeti Airlines, Buddha Airlines and Shree Airlines.

Mountain Flight Summary

  • Departure & arrival places are the same i.e. domestic terminal ( 100 meters north ) from the international terminal of Tribhuwan International Airport  Kathmandu. There is no ground landing in between this fly tour. 
  • This is a 1-hour flight tour by aircraft ATR 72 or Canadian Bombardier - Q 400. 
  • This flight flies in the Northeast direction & gets back with anticlockwise rounding.
  • flying from the Kathmandu Mountain range lies on the left side & while flying back lies on the right side.
  • 25 kg of luggage is allowed.
  • Every person will have a guaranteed window seat. Wheelchair service for needy travelers is available. 

Mountain Flight Ticket Price


Ticket price (window seat) 

Documents to carry 


 NPR 14000 per person 

Election card or Passport copy 

 Other Nationality 

  198 USD

Passport copy 

The airport is 5.4 KM from Thamel & takes around 15 min to 25 min in the morning time cause of less traffic.

Mountain Flight Time Schedule

Airport Time: 30 minutes before departure time


Departure time | Arrival Time 

Buddha Airlines 

06:15 am -- 07:15 am every day 

Yeti Airlines 

06:30 am -- 07:30 am  every day 

Shree Airlines 

06:30 am -- 07:30 am  every day 

How to book! Where to Contact !! Payment option !!! 

You can book a flight ticket by visiting our office at Thamel (in front of the ALOFT Hotel or Waldo Hotel entrance gate )

Our reservation contact number is  +9779851077317   ( Mobile | WhatsApp |   Viber  )  Mr Umesh Danai.
+9779820822030  ( Mobile | WhatsApp |   Viber  )  Mr. Samir Itani.

Payment option: Online credit card payment or card swipe  | bank transfer | cash payment | cheque payment 

Ticket delivery to your hotel within Kathmandu Valley with a payment collection option is also available. 

Cancellation, Date changes, and Refund Policy of Mountain Flight ticket

All the mountain flight tickets issued by our company are refundable. You will get a full refund amount in case the flight gets canceled because of bad weather, low visibility, any technical problem, or any other problem from the side of the Airline.

A 10% amount will be charged if the flight is canceled without any prior information in the 24-hour window. No cancellation fee is required if the flight is canceled before the 24-hour window.

We also offer Mountain Flight in Pokhara. You can contact us at given details for Mountain Flight price in Pokhara.

Mountain Flight route 

Best time and season to fly: Early morning is the best time for mountain flights in which visibility is clear & peaks are glory and golden shine with sunrise. March, April, May, October, November, and December are the best months to fly.

Name of Mountain you can view during Moutain Fight 

During Mountain flight you can have a close view of Mount Everest (8,848 m from 5 nautical miles close), Lhotse(8516m), Nuptse(7855m), Amadablam (6812m), Chamlang (7319m), Makalu (8463m), Gauri Shankar (7134m), Langtang Lirung (7234m), Annapurna (8,091m), Manasalu (8,136m), Ganesh (7,429m), Kanchenjunga (8,586) and other more small peaks. Besides these pristine peaks, you can also have a view of the Tibetian Plateau, glaciers, Lakes, rivers, hill ranges, Nepali villages & more views. 

Some of the Glimpse of Mountain Tour in Nepal 

Why book a Mountain Flight tour with us? Free private transport from your hotel to the airport and back 

We are an authorized sales agent for Mountain flight ticket booking in Nepal with Buddha Air, Yeti Air & Shree Airlines. Our office is located at a prime location in Thamel  Kathmandu. You can book your ticket by visiting our office or We deliver the ticket to your hotel within Kathmandu.

If you are a couple or more than 02 people traveling then we provide free transportation (for dollar payment)


Does the infant (below 02 years)  need a Mountain flight ticket?  How much do I have to pay at the airport counter  ?? 

If you want to have a seat for your infant also then you have to purchase the ticket but if you are carrying the infant in your lap then you do not need to purchase a ticket. You have to pay USD 4.42 or the equivalent Nepali currency for foreigners & NPR 443 for Nepali and Indians at the airline's counter in the airport. 

How safe is the Mountain Flight tour in Nepal? 

Mountain flight tour is operated by domestic airline companies in Nepal with their big-size aircraft. Till today there is zero accident record in Mountain Flight. Sometimes there is news about plane or helicopter crashes in the Himalayan ranges but these aircraft are small and they make regular flights in the remote airport of Nepal. There is no issue of safety for mountain flights till today. It has a 100 % safety record till today. 

Bad weather and Flight is a cancellation Policy! 

If the weather in the Mountain region is not perfect and visibility is poor then airline companies don't make fly. In this case either you can fly the next day or your full amount will be refunded. 


Mountain Flight and Global Warming

Glaciers in the Mount Everest region & other Himalayan regions have shrunk by 13 percent in the last 50 years and the snowline has shifted upward by 590 feet (180 meters). Mount Everest is one of the great pieces of evidence for the impact of global warming on the world. Mountains of the world are slowly losing their snowcapped peaks and are changing at the black rocks. Nobody can assure you how long this beauty of the mountain will remain. So if you say that you will fly a Mountain flight on the next visit then you may not get a similar beautiful snow-capped mountain region like today. So let's fly a mountain flight today and spread the message of global warming and our melting Himalayas to the world community. Let's start a campaign to save our Earth Tour next generation. Save our earth for the forthcoming generation.



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