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Kathmandu to Hong Kong to Kathmandu Nepal airlines

Nepal Airlines Kathmandu to Hong Kong to Kathmandu Valley Nepal

Nepal Airlines (RA) operates direct flight service from Kathmandu (KTM )Valley, Nepal airport to Hong Kong ( HKG ) to Kathmandu having 3 flights a week by its Airbus aircraft model A320-100/200 starting price from Rs. 32,000 |-


This flight from Kathmandu to Hongkong with flight number RA 409 departs at 09:40 am local time every Tuesday | Thursday & Saturday and arrives in Hong Kong at 06:25 pm & Hongkong to Kathmandu with flight number RA 410 at 05:25 pm with landing time in Kathmandu Airport at same day 08:40 Pm.

Hong Kong is a famous city in the northeast part of Asia which is at an air distance of 2490 KM from Kathmandu, Nepal where a large number of Nepali people are living and working with permanent residence (PR ) cards. Besides Nepal Airlines, Dragon Airlines i.e. sister airlines of Cathay Pacific is also operating direct flight service in between Hong Kong to Kathmandu. Macau is the nearby destination from Hong Kong where the facility of Ferry is available to travel in between.


Kathmandu to Hongkong Flight Schedule ( Nepal Airlines)

Sector Departure Time  Arrival Time Time Duration
Kathmandu to Hongkong 09:40 am  04:25 pm 04 hour 30 min
Hongkong to Kathmandu 05:25 am  08:40 pm  05 hour 30 min


Kathmandu to Hong Kong Flight Ticket Price 

The flight ticket price from Kathmandu to Hong Kong and vice-versa from Hong Kong to Kathmandu is shown below. Here we have included the base price with the category of the flight ticket. This is the starting price and the price may change at any time by airlines without prior information.

Sector Economy Class  Business Class
KTM to HKG one-way  Rs 32,000 |- Rs 47,500 |-
KTM to HKG both way  Rs 65,000 |- Rs 96,000 |-
HKG to KTM one-way  Rs 53,500 |- Rs 79,500 |-
HKG to KTM both way  Rs 72,500 |- Rs 1,52,000 |-

NOTE: The Flight ticket price may vary according to the change of time and situation without prior information.

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