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Kathmandu to Narita Tokyo to Kathmandu Nepal Airlines

Nepal Airlines Narita, Tokyo | Kathmandu(KTM) Nepal to Narita (NRT) Japan

Nepal Airlines (RA) is going to start a direct flight service from Kathmandu (KTM) Nepal to Narita International Airport (NRT) Tokyo, Japan, and back to Kathmandu Valley Nepal with 3 flights a week i.e. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from March 02 March 2020. The flight will depart from Kathmandu at 01:25 am local time and will land at Narita airport at a local time off Japan at 11:00 am. At 01:00 pm Nepal Airlines will fly back to Kathmandu Nepal with its arrival time at 06:25 pm. After Osaka, this will be the second destination of Nepal Airlines in Japan and will be the longest flight route and time duration. Flight booking is already opened by Nepal Airlines.

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Baggage: 35 kg hand carry 07 kg

Flight Schedule per week | Departure & Arrival time


Departure Time

Arrival Time

Kathmandu to Narita, Tokyo

10:30 PM

08:30 AM

Narita Tokyo to Kathmandu

10:30 AM  

03:00 PM 

The flight ticket price for this route is as mentioned below. Ticket prices may change at any time without any prior information. All the right is reserved with the airlines.


Starting Price

Kathmandu to Narita one way


Narita to Kathmandu one way


Kathmandu to Narita to Kathmandu both way


Natia to Kathmandu to Narita both way


Narita NRT Airport Japan

Narita International Airport (NRT) Japan is an international airport that stands as the best alternative to Haneda International Airport. Haneda Airport is the main international airport in Tokyo. However, to handle the huge international air traffic, Narita Airport is now playing a vital role.

Transportation and Accommodation (Hotels) Near Narita Airport

Narita airport is one of the most convenient airports in Tokyo for accommodation and getting around in major places in Tokyo. Narita's View Hotel, Narita Gateway Hotel, Narita airport rest house, Nine Hours Narita Airport, and ANA Crowne Plaza Narita are some of the most popular hotels near Narita Hotel with the best accommodations.

Here are the details regarding the transport from Narita Airport to major places in Tokyo, Japan


Narita Airport to Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport ( HND) is another airport in Tokyo City which is 76.6 KM from Narita airport with a tentative travel time of 1 hour and 7 min where the facility of the train, airport limousine bus, and taxi are available.

Narita Airport to Tokyo station

Tokyo Station and Narita Airport are at a distance of 66.2 Kilometers. Likewise, the most convenient way to travel from Narita Airport to Tokyo station is JR Narita Express (NEX). The travel journey duration by NEX is about 1 hour. And it is going to cost you around 28 USD.

If you wish to take a taxi then it would cost you around 200 USD.

Likewise, Access Narita bus service is the cheapest way to get to Tokyo Station from Narita airport. Access Narita Bus follows the route with easy access to JR Lines or Ginza station for the subway. And costs you around 10 USD with a travel duration of around 75 minutes.

Narita Airport Shuttle Bus

Narita airport shuttle bus is considerably cheaper and can be the best option for newcomers in Japan because of its convenience. The bus run by a company named Willer provides the transportation service from Narita airport to Tokyo. The bus stops at Osaki station near Shinagawa as well. Osaki station is convenient for getting around places like Shibuya and Shinjuku. Around 40 Narita airport shuttle buses depart daily.


Narita to Tokyo Train

If you do not have much luggage then you can get the cheapest regular train from Narita Airport to Central Tokyo that runs on a route on the Keisei line. Likewise, the Keisei Line is one of the most convenient ones for getting around in Tokyo since it connects to the Toei Asakusa Subway line and JR Yamanote Line which is also a Tokyo central loop line. With this train, almost most of the parts of Tokyo are covered however, with luggage this won't be the best option.

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Kathmandu(KTM) To Narita (NRT) To Kathmandu(KTM)

The air travel distance between Narita airport to Kathmandu airport is 5220 kilometers with a tentative flight time duration of 6 hours 20 min by Nepal Airlines' newly purchased Airbus A 330 model aircraft with 18 business class seats and 256 economy class seats. The flight will have a facility for a variety of a meal, 46 kg free luggage with 07 kg hand carry, a music system, comfortable seats, and many more. These airlines will tie up with All Nippon airlines by which travelers can easily travel to other airports in Japan like Fukuoka Airport ( Fuk ), Kansai International Airport (KIX ), Chubu Central International Airport ( Ngo) Nagoya, Hiroshima Airport ( HIJ), New Chitose Airport( Cts ) Sapporo, Sendai International Airport ( SJD ) in connecting flight from Kathmandu and vice versa.

Trip Additional Info

Children travelling below 12 Years

If your child under 12 years is traveling alone on this route ( Kathmandu to Narita to Kathmandu) then you have to compulsorily take UM services offered by Nepal Airlines after paying USD 100 or equivalent Nepali currency at the check-in counter of Nepal Airlines in the airport. This service can be taken for children above 12 years too who are travelling first time in Japan.

Wheelchair service is available at FREE OF COST for aged people or people who are unable to walk.

Coronavirus and your travel

At the health desk of immigration in Kathmandu airport, the fever will be checked by the health authority. If anybody has similar symptoms of the CORONA VIRUS like high fever or rough cough then they may stay in Quarantine. It’s safer to travel with a recent health certificate of Coronavirus.

What will happen if the flight is canceled by the airlines cause of the CORONA VIRUS or any other reason?

A full refund will be paid to the customer in the above cases. If the passenger himself cancels the ticket in the case of continuing flight then a cancellation charge will be charged by the airline.  

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