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Dubai Visit Visa from Nepal

Wondering How To Get a Visit Visa For Dubai From Nepal in 2024?

Dubai Visit Visa


Hundreds of people from Kathmandu, Nepal travel United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Dubai every day in search of jobs, tourism purposes, holiday packages, business expansion, shopping, expo- -seminars, educational tours, college-university internships & many more.

For the last decade, Dubai has been famous as a new modern city with the availability of all modern facilities, luxurious hotels, shopping malls, jewelry shops, trading, investment in housing, branding of any product or movie, hospital, college/university.

We SPEEDY Tourism are providing online tourist visa service for Dubai from Kathmandu Nepal. Recently 1 month & 02 month duration visa service is available. The normal time duration for getting a visa is 12 hours to 48 hours but may delay some time cause of improper documents, more visa request traffic, etc.

Single Entry Visa 

Visa category (Single- Entry) Processing Time duration  Price
1 Month tourist visa  24-48 hour  15000
02 Month tourist visa  24-48 hour  27000
03 Month tourist visa  24-48 hour 52000

Multiple Entry Visa 

1 month and 02-month duration multiple entry visa for Dubai is available. You can enter and exit numerous times with this visa with an expiry date. 

Visa category (Multiple- Entry) Processing Time duration  Price
1 Month tourist visa  24-48 hour  30000
02 Month tourist visa  24-48 hour  40000

What Are The Required Documents For a Dubai Visa For Nepalese Citizens?

The following are the required documents for Nepalese Citizens to acquire a Dubai Visit/ Tourist Visa:

Valid Passport: A passport with at least 6 months of validity left after the scheduled travel date is a must.

  • Digital or scanned copy of a white background  Passport-Sized Photo 
  • Clear scan copy  or pdf of Passport copy ( page with your photo, passport number, passport expiry date )
  • If your passport is old then scan a copy of the Sponsorship page copy ( normally 31-32 numbers where your contact people like mother, father, wife, or other name are written)

Required document to travel to Dubai after getting a Visa 

  • Valid round trip or both way ticket for Kathmandu to Dubai to Kathmandu 
  • Hotel booking as per your travel plan in Dubai or a valid Accommodation letter provided by your sponsor 
  • 1000 USD or equivalent foreign currency like AED, EURO, etc exchanged from the bank only or a travel card of equivalent amount. 
  • Self-declaration form (For self-declaration form  click here.  )

Dubai visit visa New rules by Immigration office Dubai airport  | NEW UPDATE

- It is mandatory to carry 3000 AED or equivalent USD, EURO, or other currency and have to show this at the arrival desk of the Immigration office at Dubai Airport. 

- Valid return back ticket copy and Valid hotel booking or Dubai ID card of a relative with accommodation agreement letter. 



Is it difficult to get a Dubai tourist visa? Do I need to visit the Embassy? 

You can easily get a Dubai tourist visa by applying online by sending the required document to our whats app / Viber or email address. No need to visit the embassy or our office physically. 

What is the required document to present at the immigration counter in Kathmandu airport? 

Because of Human trafficking, like motivating Nepali citizens to join the armies of recent war countries like RUSSIA OR UKRAINE with assisting them in getting a visa and travel management from Dubai or other fraud cases Nepal immigration officer in Kathmandu airport is inspecting the documents of travellers, there travel history, financial background and there reason to travel Dubai. If you need further information then you can visit the immigration office in Kalikasthan, Kathmandu. 

For Further Information check out the travel advice note issued by the immigration office of Nepal, Home Ministry, Kathmandu for Nepali citizens travelling abroad country in a visit visa. Click Here

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