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Kathmandu to Delhi Bus

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus ticket booking service is available from our office SPEEDY Tourism & Travels, Thamel, Kathmandu. Kathmandu to Delhi direct tourist bus service takes a driving time duration of 24-28 hours with 1130 KM distance and bus ticket price Rs 4,800/- for direct bus. This bus service is daily and directs with the facility of Air conditioning (A/C), comfortable seats, some buses facilitate toilet too.

Contact number - 015906588 | +9779808248220 ( Mobile, Viber, WhatsApp)

Kathmandu to Delhi Bus


Kathmandu to Delhi Bus Time Table
Bus Stand in Kathmandu Departure Time Arrival Time | Delhi
Bouddha  06:00 am Next-Day 11 AM-01 PM
Swayambhu Ringroad, Karkhana Chowk  06:30 am  Next-Day 11 AM-01 PM
Kalanki front of BABA Petrol pump 07:00 am  Next-Day 11 AM-01PM
Kitchen Cafe Narayanghat, Chitwan (Near Sauraha) 12:30 pm Next-Day 11 AM-01 PM

Nepal to Delhi bus service is more popular and trustworthy after the official inauguration of the joint bus service (DTC from the Indian side and Manjushree YataYat from the Nepal side) by honorable Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Jee and honorable late Nepali Prime Minister Mr.Sushil Koirala. This service became safer, more comfortable, faster, easier, and more luxurious after the bus service operated by Northern Travel. Many Nepali, Indian, and other tourists are highly beneficial to this.

We are also providing bus reservation or hiring services from Kathmandu, Nepal to Major cities of India like New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi & other pilgrimage destinations with permit permission from the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu.

Service in Bus

  • Air condition bus
  • Comfortable Semi sleeper seat
  • Charging plug
  • Mineral water
  •  2 LED light

Bus route

Bus station or stop in  India

Manju ka Tilla, Paharganj, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Metro station Delhi, Ananda Bihar UP, Agra ( Near Tajmahal )

You can get a digital copy of the bus ticket on your WhatsApp, Viber, or  Mail by online payment or by visiting our office in Thamel.


Alternative way to travel from Kathmandu to Delhi?

  • By Flight - Daily Direct flight connects Kathmandu to Delhi to Kathmandu with flight duration 1:40 min- 1:55 min with the first flight at 08:00 am & last flight at 05:00 pm by Nepal Airlines, Air India, Vistara Airlines & Indigo Airlines.
  • Kathmandu (Ktm) to Varanasi ( Banaras) by flight and Varanasi to Delhi by bus, jeep, car, or flight

Buddha Airlines operates 2 direct flights every Monday & Friday per week from Kathmandu to Varanasi and back to Kathmandu with a flight time duration of 50 minutes & air distance of 351 km.

  • Departure time from Kathmandu to Varanasi: 7:15 am | Varanasi arrival time: 8:05 am

Varanasi is at a distance of 846.6 km from New Delhi with a connection by the newly constructed Lucknow Expressway & Jamuna Expressway. Several flights are available from Varanasi to Delhi. Besides this car /cab, jeep and bus booking service is also available from our company. If you have a traveling mood then we suggest one day of Varanasi sightseeing, staying there overnight, and the next day traveling to New Delhi.

  • By Train;- If you are willing to travel from Kathmandu to Delhi by train then you have to travel from Kathmandu to Sonauli (Nepal- India Border) by bus, Sonauli to Gorakhpur by cab & catch a train to New Delhi from Gorakhpur or Kathmandu to Bhairawa airport by flight Bhairawa to Sonauli to Gorakhpur by drive and Gorakhpur to Delhi by train.


We also provide Bus, Minibus, car, and jeep hire services from Kathmandu & Sunauli to major cities in India like Lucknow, New Delhi, Tajmahal Agra, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Manali, Manipur Darjeeling, Sikkim, etc. with the facility of vehicle permit from India Embassy, Kathmandu Nepal. 

Besides this other alternative ways to travel from Kathmandu to Delhi are Kathmandu to Bhadrapur airport by flight, Bhadrapur to Bagdogra Airport (39.3 Km distance with approximate time 1 hour) by drive & Bagdogra to New Delhi or other destinations of India.

Kathmandu to Dhanagadhi airport by flight and Dhanagadhi to New Delhi with a distance of 394.4 km and driving time of 8:22 min by drive another option to travel Nepal to India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • Do I need a PCR test to travel from Kathmandu to Delhi by bus?

No PCR test is required to travel from Kathmandu to Dehli by Bus.

  • What is the required Document to travel from Kathmandu to Delhi by bus now?

For Nepali & Indians- Citizenship card or Passport copy or Student ID card for Children below 16 or Birth certificate.

For Foreigners- Valid visa of India with a passport copy.

  • Where to exchange Indian Currency (INR)?

You can visit any bank branch within Nepal and can purchase Indian currency at an exchange rate (1.6015) by presenting your bus ticket copy. Indian and Nepali currency exchange rate is fixed. Besides this, you can also purchase Indian currency from the Sunauli (Nepal & India) border. 

  • Does a Nepali visa card (ATM card) work in India? 

In your visa card if you see "VALID ONLY IN NEPAL & INDIA" then this card works in India. You can withdraw NPR 10,000 daily by ATM & swipe your card in most of the shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, and other places. 

  • Where is the Immigration Office?

The immigration office is located at Sunauli where our bus stops & assists you with for arrival stamp. 

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