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Agriculture Volunteering in Nepal

Agriculture volunteering in Nepal

Dear traveler! Greeting from Farmers in Nepal !!

 Nepal is an agricultural country and most of the population at Nepal is dependent and indulged at traditional agriculture system. If you wish to exchange your knowledge of agriculture technique with Nepali traditional farmers than we will provide you superb opportunity for being agriculture volunteer in Nepal. You can choose both traditional and developed farm house for your volunteering. 

During your visit in Nepal, if you step out just 4-7 km east from Thamel than you can get chance for agriculture volunteering in Nepal for off season vegetable, tomato, Cauli flower, cow firm, mushroom firm, goat firm, bee firm, chicken hatchery and many more for changing agriculture production in Nepal with your technique. AAA Agriculture Firm Pvt. Ltd. run by “Long Vision Farmer Group” under the registration of District Agriculture development Office is in joint venture with Speedy Travels & Tours Nepal Pvt. Ltd. for innovative Agriculture tour and agriculture volunteering program in Nepal.

Current Selected area: Goldhunga V.D.C. Ward no 3 Kathmandu Nepal (20 min by drive from Thamel , this area includes 15 number of agriculture firm working on different category)

Local Program Managed by: AAA Agriculture Pvt. Ltd. Long vision Farmer group

Publicity by: Speedy Travels and Tours Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Program Duration: 1 day or more as per your wish

Contact Person: Mr Umesh Danai (Chair man of “Long vision Farmer group”)

Why to make Agro volunteering/ Agro tour in Nepal!

1) Your small help can change the technique of agro production, reduction of harmful pesticides and other chemicals along with financial prosperity for the small farmer of Nepal.

2) Till this date most of the farmers in Nepal is indulging on the tradition agriculture technique with tradition equipment for production, which might be interesting for you.

3) We provide your opportunity along with space and program management for running any creative seminar, class, workshop about farming under the present of local farmer and government personalities.

4) Any organization, agriculture student, agriculture expertise, government personalities can join this program.

5) Under the request, cost for accommodation will be managed by us.

6) You can provide any donation, financial help, and arrangement for farmer & academic/health/clothing contribution etc.  For farmer child.

7) A signatory certificate with describing your contribution will be provided after finishing this volunteering workshop by “AAA Agriculture From Pvt. Ltd.” And “Long Vision Farmer Group” after completion of work shop.

Mail us at speedynepal@gmail.com mentioning your interest or any inquiry regarding this program. 

“Together for better farming in Nepal “