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Things to do Jiri Nepal


Things to do in Jiri Nepal:

Jiri is also known as to be Switzerland of Nepal which is a beautiful small village surrounded with different natural beauties at an elevation of 1905m following the Araniko Highway. Jiri is also the Gateway to the Top of the World (Mount Everest-8848 m) where all the travelers pass through this trail to reach the Everest Region. The main reason behind the travelers visiting to this village is the unique climate and the clean and fresh environment. It has also been the attraction for the travelers who travel to the Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple. While traveling to Jiri people also visit the Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple and Dolakha Bhimsenthan Temple.

The distance from Kathmandu to Jiri Distance is 184 KM which takes around 7 hours to 8 Hours via private vehicle (Bolero/ Scorpio). The distance from Jiri to Kalinchowk is 72 KM which takes around 4-5 hours. Also, the distance from Jiri to Bhimsenthan Temple is 58 KM which takes around 2-3 hours approximately.

Here are some of the Things to do in Jiri Nepal:

Jiri Bazar:

Jiri local people have announced their slogan as the “Clean Jiri, Green Jiri, and Organic Jiri”, the local people of Jiri is making efforts to attract internal and external tourists to increase the economy rate. Jiri is regarded to be one of the best tourist attractions in Nepal that has been helping the Government of Nepal to increase the economy rate and promoting the tourism industry. The local people known as the Jirels and Sherpas of Jiri Village have been engaging themselves as the production of different products like Cheese, Churpi, Kiwi and so on. Moreover, people of the Jiri Village are engaged in Agricultural Field.

Agricultural Development Centre:
Jiri was the first settlement to receive Swiss aid in Nepal and it was developed as an Agricultural Development Centre.  This Agricultural Development Centre is one of the first and oldest Agricultural Centre which is developed and maintained by the Swiss Government. This center provides training and employment to the local villagers in order to self-developed and manage the economy rate.

Jirels Community- Their Culture and Tradition
Jirels are local people of the Jiri Village who are known as to be the original habitats and their neighbor village of Dolakha. Jirels people have their own languages, cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. Where their religious identity is Buddha Religion and their priest is known as to be “Lamas”.

Churpi Factory and Cheese Factory
We can investigate the Cheese Factory or the Churpi Factory and trying the taste and quality of those products and also can investigate the Yak Farm.

Tenzing Hillary Park
We can also explore the beautiful park known as Tenzing Hillary Park out in Jiri Village where we can see the statue of the late Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Late Sir Edmund Percival Hillary.

Since there are some tour packages that you can join for Kalinchowk Jiri Tour Package where we can investigate not only the Jiri but also the Kalinchowk Temple and Bhimsenthan Temple.